Bitcoin Profit Signals App v2.1


Most Frequently Asked Questions

Bitcoin Profit Signals APP-V1.2 - F.A.Q

Absolutely not, users just need to follow-up our professional Bitcoin/Crypto signals accurately in their trading account and that's all. With our subscribers we share quality education materials and secret trading techniques never exposed online.

User experience is excellent and the drawdown is very low. Our algorithm generate signals with the highest accuracy of up to 91% and the risk of losing your capital is very minimal with genuine agreement of: T/P (take profit limit) and S/L (stop loss limit). Bitcoin Profit Signals are classified by risk. All signals are send out with the following warnings: ‘Very Safe,’ ‘Regular,’ ‘Risky,’ or ‘Very Risky.

Users should have a trading account which support Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency assets. We suggest to find an exchange company which offer 0 spreading limits and low commission. For any question don't hesitate to contact our support team.

Our powerful system is free of human hands, created in-cloud by professional traders and leading app developers the Bitcoin Profit Signals (app) algorithm calculate the market trends in combination with news events and premium indicators to generate up to 91% accurate signals for Bitcoin and other cryptos.

We have integrated the world class payment gateways like: Blockchain, Stripe and other secure alternatives. Users are free to ask for any other payment method if they are not able to pay through our available options.

After the registration and choosing a package users have immediately access on their personal web-based dashboard very easy accessible and secure from any device. We offer 3 different options to receive Bitcoin/Crypto signals, which are: Telegram, SMS or Email, depend on the package/subscription user chosen. With our (Ultimate Package) Traders can select any of them or both three at the same time, so in this way the chances to miss any profitable signal are very low.

Bitcoin or Crypto signals are the position which traders should take on chosen time-frame and crypto asset with T/P (take profit limit) and S/L (stop loss limit) decided by our AI technology which combine different quality sources and technical analysis through premium indicators to generate signals with up to 91% accuracy. In difference with human ability the AI can make thousand of calculations in a minute which human mind is not capable. That's why we break the crypto market RULES!